In 1989, the seed was planted that
  would become Unishape Adaptive
  Equipment. Marguerite Saro, a designer
  in the fashion industry, was asked to
  help create a customized positioning
  device for a handicapped individual.
  The request came from her daughter-in-
  law, a social worker for the
  developmentally disabled. Physical and
  Occupational Therapists at her facility
  were unable to find positioning products
  to suit the need of this client. The OT's
  and PT's had resorted to hand carving
  foam to the proper shape but they
  needed to find a way to cover them.
  Marguerite had a special talent for
  creating specialty items in fabric,
  usually to a quality level far exceeding
  their intended purpose. This project
  would be no exception. The resulting
  product was a success and soon
  requests were made for other
  individuals. Together with her architect
  husband, Jack, and with the help of
  therapists and other professionals, Jack
  and Marguerite began to realize the need
  for a series of standard shaped devices
  that could be combined together or
  "adapted" to the specific needs of each
  individual. From this research came the
  patented Wedge Plus System(TM) and
  Unishape Design was born.

    Since it's inception, the goal of Unishape
    Design has been to provide a product of
    exceptional quality with caring customer
    service. The features you will find in our
    products are driven by the needs of the
    therapists who use them. We are proud
    to say we know many of the clients who
    use our products by name and receive
    regular updates from their therapists as
    to their progress. Feedback from
    therapists allow us to continue to find
    ways to improve Unishape products.
    Our design and production process
    allows us to create a high quality, long
    lasting product. In fact, each piece is
    hand inspected to make sure it meets
    our exacting standards and this
    attention to detail pays off. That first
    Unishape wedge is still in use after
    14 years.

    In February of 2004, Unishape Design
    became Unishape Adaptive Equipment.
    Mark Saro joined the company with the
    intent to continue the philosophy began
    by his parents. When you call Unishape,
    chances are you will talk directly to
    Marguerite, Jack, or Mark. So check out
    our product and feel free to call if you
    have any questions.